Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Updates

Forrest and Benny and I had a great day at the commercial kitchen yesterday, measuring, pouring, straining, and bottling (and cleaning up).  We made rose, lavender-lemon, and three chiles syrup.   We always notice that we're all nice and mellow while bottling lavender-lemon.  Not only is it the perfect viscosity for bottling and a beautiful golden color, but the aroma of lavandula angustifolia wafting upwards as we pour the syrup into bottles has a soothing effect.  Highlight of the day: row upon row of cute 2 oz. sample bottles all ready to be sent to various stores and members of the press.  Adorable and exciting!

In other news, Forrest and I are taking a trip.  We'll be away until Tuesday in Mount Desert Island, Maine, hiking, looking at the ocean, eating lobster (and probably burgers--they tempt me anywhere I go) and of course cocktail shopping.  I'm looking forward to visiting Bar Harbor's finest drinking establishments.  Geddy's? Lompoc Cafe? Cocktails overlooking the ocean at the Bar Harbor Inn?  Yes, please!

Here's more excellent news: the official RR website is coming soon!  You will be able to shop online, send in recipe ideas, and more.  While you wait, here's a preview of the splash page:

So, enjoy the coming weekend and stay tuned for more cocktail (and mocktail) recipes next week. 

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  1. I'm so jealous!! I love Bar Harbor and love Geddy's. Don't forget the popovers at the pond house. Btw, I love the new website!