Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New--Manhattan Retail Locations!

It's hard not to be excited to count The Meadow, Kalustyans, and Formaggio Essex among our retailers.  The Meadow is an absolutely gorgeous shop on Hudson Street that sells specialty food items, including TONS of salts (I counted more than five types of salt from Hawaii alone) and an incredible selection of bitters.  To top off your experience at the beautifully curated store, The Meadow also sells fragrant flowers by the stem.

Kalustyans carries five Royal Rose flavors: Rose, Lavender-Lemon, Tamarind, Three Chiles, and Cardamom-Clove.  Forrest and I like to go to their Lexington Ave. store and browse through the gazillions of pantry products they carry.  They also have a great bulk selection, as well as a freezer section and hard-to-find kitchen wares.

I am embarrassed to admit this, but until recently I'd never been to that great food market on Essex Street.  Formaggio Essex is located inside the market.  It's only 225 square feet of space, but it's full of cheeses, cured meats, vinegars, honey, salts, and more.  They favor products from individual artisans from around the globe.

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