Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Court Street Grocers and General Updates

We have a new retail vendor!  Court Street Grocers now carries Royal Rose's four new flavors: Tamarind, Rose, Lavender-Lemon and Three Chiles.  Visit their website ( to see all the different sandwiches, cheese, meats, and grocery they carry.  I am really happy because I bought some Moxie and a NuGrape when I went in there the other day.  What is it about Moxie?  The awesome label? Check out this old NuGrape song from 1926:

In other news, the Kings County General Store on Sunday was a great success despite the rainy weather.  Forrest and I met a lot of nice people and gave out tons of syrup samples.  The best seller?  Lavender-Lemon! 

To sign off, I'm leaving you with this image of my business partner holding a bottle of Cardamom-Clove Simple Syrup:

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