Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Royal Rose will be at King's County General Store at Southpaw during the Park Slope 5th Avenue Street Fair this Sunday, May 15.  (The fair starts on 5th Avenue at Sterling Place and ends at 12th Street, 12-5 PM.)  There will be lots of local vendors and crafts at Southpaw (by night, a respected music venue...with an awesome sound guy named Kenny), and I definitely would check it out if I weren't already going to be there.  So come one, come all!

Forrest and I will be behind our booth, giving out syrup samples (all 6 flavors), doing mocktails and/or shaved ice (how much have I been looking forward to playing with a giant block of ice?!), and selling bottles of syrup.  As a bonus, Southpaw's own bar will offer drink specials made with actual booze and Royal Rose syrups.  

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