Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Royal Rose Goes to Bali

 Forrest and I had a fantastic trip.  We explored the island on a little black Honda Vario motorbike.  Steep mountains covered in green rice terraces, black sand beaches with crashing surf, picturesque villages throughout the countryside, and food around every corner.  I gained 5 pounds, and a wealth of knowledge and experience!  Here are some pictures of the market in Tabanan, Bali:

Sweets for sale - made mostly from rice and/or palm sugar.

The chickens running all over the island give new meaning to the phrase "free range".

To stay cool in the 90 degree weather, the Balinese drink cooling beverages made from fresh young coconut milk, ice, lime juice, and grass jelly.

More sweets, including my favorite, kelepon - little green rice gummy pods filled with liquid palm sugar.

Sate - delicious.

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